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 The Most Common Types of Tyre Damage According to Professional Tyre Shops

Your car’s tyres are the shoes of your vehicle, bearing the weight of every journey, and just like worn-out shoes, damaged tyres can trip you up when you least expect it. As professional tyre shops in Singapore will attest, recognising the signs of common tyre damage is essential for a smooth and safe ride. In this post, we’ll explore the most prevalent types of tyre damage, how to spot these warning signs and what steps to take if you do notice any damage on your car tyres. 


How it happens: Punctures occur when a sharp object, such as a nail or screw, penetrates the tyre’s tread. This can lead to a slow leak or an immediate flat tyre.

What to look for: You may notice a gradual loss of air pressure or, in the case of a sudden puncture, hear a hissing sound or feel a noticeable drop in handling and ride quality.

What to do: If you have a slow leak, you can usually repair it with a tyre repair kit or take it to a tyre shop for patching. In the case of a sudden flat tyre, install your spare tyre if available or call for roadside assistance.

Cuts and Gashes:

How it happens: Cuts and gashes result from sharp objects on the road, like debris or potholes, damaging the tyre’s surface.

What to look for: Visually inspect the tyre for cuts, gashes, or exposed cords. You may also experience a loss of air pressure or a rough ride.

What to do: If the damage is minor, a tyre shop may be able to repair it. Severe damage usually requires a tyre change service.

Sidewall Damage:

How it happens: Sidewall damage occurs when the tyre comes into contact with curbs, road debris, or potholes, especially at high speeds.

What to look for: Look for visible bulges, cuts, or tears on the tyre’s sidewall. Damage may also lead to air loss.

What to do: Sidewall damage typically necessitates tyre replacement since it compromises the tyre’s structural integrity.

Tread Wear:

How it happens: Tread wear is a natural consequence of driving. It can become uneven due to poor tyre maintenance, like misalignment or imbalance.

What to look for: Regularly inspect the tyre’s tread. Uneven wear is apparent when some areas are more worn than others. A tyre tread depth gauge can help measure the remaining tread depth.

What to do: If the tread wear is uneven, have your tyres balanced, aligned, and rotated as needed. Replace the tyres when the tread depth reaches the legal limit or when it’s too worn for safe driving.

Bulges and Blisters:

How it happens: Bulges and blisters typically result from manufacturing defects or when the tyre sustains damage, such as hitting a pothole.

What to look for: Visually inspect the tyre for abnormal protrusions or blisters on the sidewall or tread. Bulges may also be accompanied by unusual vibrations.

What to do: Replace the tyre as soon as possible, as these issues can lead to sudden blowouts.


How it happens: Cracking is caused by the natural ageing of the tyre’s rubber due to exposure to sunlight, weather conditions, and time.

What to look for: Look for small cracks or fissures in the tyre’s sidewall and tread. Cracked rubber appears dry and brittle.

What to do: If the cracking is extensive, it’s best to consult a tyre service, as it has likely lost its structural integrity.

Flat Spots:

How it happens: Flat spots can develop when a vehicle is parked for an extended period, causing localised tyre deformation.

What to look for: While driving, you may feel vibrations or hear a rhythmic thumping sound. Inspect the tyre for flat spots visually.

What to do: To prevent flat spots, move the vehicle periodically if it’s parked for an extended time. Tyres with flat spots may smooth out as you drive, but severe cases may require a tyre change service.

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