Expanding Our Reach - Providing Quality Globally.

Mrrjestic Tyres is not just a leader in the local market; we are also actively involved in the export and import of rims and tyres. Our international operations are driven by our commitment to providing high-quality automotive products across the globe. If you are a business looking for quality sports rims or a reliable tyre importer, Mrrjestic Tyres is your ideal partner. With our extensive product range and commitment to excellence, we can help you meet the demands of your customers efficiently.

Import Rims and Tyres

Our import service ensures that you have access to the latest and most stylish designs, curated from international markets. Elevate your vehicle’s aesthetics with car tyre rims that make a statement, reflecting global trends and craftsmanship. Our commitment as a leading tyre importer is to provide you with a diverse selection that transcends geographical boundaries. Choose from a wide range of renowned brands such as Michelin Tyres, Bridgestone Tyres, and Dunlop Tyres in Singapore.

Our Experience

With 30 of experience, Mrrjestic Tyres takes pride in our role as a leading wholesale provider of used tires on a global scale. Our specialization lies in facilitating seamless import/export services, connecting markets across Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Africa, Nigeria, Japan, Australia, and many other countries.


At the core of our offerings are OEM sizes, typically sold in pairs, allowing us to cater to the specific needs of our diverse clientele. Our commitment is unwavering – we guarantee the highest quality used tires at affordable prices, ensuring that your customers’ expectations are not just met, but exceeded. Partner with us for reliability, experience, and a commitment to delivering top-notch products to meet the unique demands of the global tire market.

car tyres singapore
car tyres singapore

We have 30 years of experience in wholesale used tires worldwide.

We specialize in import/export services for Malaysia – Indonesia – Taiwan – Africa – Nigeria – Japan – Australia and many more countries.

Our specialty lies in OEM sizes, which are usually sold in pairs.

We guarantee the highest quality at affordable prices to meet your customers’ needs.


我们拥有 30 年的全球二手轮胎批发经验,

专进出口马来西亚 – 印度尼西亚 – 台湾 – 非洲 – 尼日利亚 – 日本 – 澳大利亚等轮胎,

主要是OEM 尺寸及会是一对对的出售


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